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Showcasing our events

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So Why 2017?
Well it’s quite simple really. On September 25th 1817 in Streatham, England EDWARD KEMP was born.
During the 1830’s, he was a garden apprentice under Sir Joseph Paxton.
Sir Joseph Paxton – English gardener, architect and Member of Parliament is best known for designing the Crystal Palace of The Great Exhibition in London’s Hyde Park in 1851.
Together with Paxton and Edward Milner, KEMP became one of the leaders in the design of parks and gardens during the mid-Victorian era.
KEMP designed many parks in the North West including Frodsham Park and Birkenhead Park from 1843.
Our very own QUEENS PARK was laid out by railway engineer FRANCIS WEBB, RICHARD MOON (Mayor of Crewe 1888) and EDWARD KEMP.

So we want to celebrate this significant year in the history of our park – THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN. The park retains it’s original Victorian layout with it’s walkways, trees and shrubberies, and boating lake.
We want to festoon the park (and Crewe) in a floral fantasy.
So get your knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing machines at the ready and start creating.
We want as many flowers, bugs, bees, butterflies as possible. As big as you like and in the most amazing colour combinations.
If you can’t knit it would be really useful to donate some yarns etc.


We also want the Heritage project to reflect memories – of the way we used to be
A Celebration of our park, our pride and our people.
Our focus is on Crewe and particularly the West end.
We will have discussions, interviews and visual aids.
We will talk about the past, present and our thoughts of the future.
Our project will be intergenerational and multi-cultural.
We want people to participate in our art projects – a lot of our work will use recycled materials.
We intend to co-work with any other interested groups/societies/organisations and already, BARNIES YARNIES are keen to get started on their very valuable contribution. If you are interested, please contact us for further details.

There will be more information on collection points in the not too distant future, so watch this space…..

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