Showcasing our events
Showcasing our events

Further Upcoming Events


We are currently working on our plan for 2018 and we will be making quite a few changes. Some of our favourite events will continue, others will go, or only happen every other year. Some will be combined with other events. This is because we are still such a small group of volunteers and we all lead busy lives.

One thing that will be changing is our HANDMADE MARKETS in the current format, it seems like everyone is doing them now so we need a change. We don’t want to lose the support of those who have been with us a long time so we will keep you in touch.

One of the problems is financial. The original cost of booking for 3 events didn’t cover our costs and it can’t happen again. We are a “not for profit” group so one event is supposed to pay for the next. When that doesn’t happen we have to think again.

We will be doing our market research and see what the people of Crewe really want.

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