Showcasing our events
Showcasing our events







Saturday 19th August 2017


Queens Park

Victoria Avenue,







  1. Entries to be made on the form provided and must reach Creative Crewe no later than 9am on Monday, 14th August 2017.


  1. The Horticultural Show Marquee will be open between the hours of 7am and 9.30 am on Saturday 19th August for staging. Judging 10.00am PROMPT.


  1. All exhibits must be owned and have been grown by the exhibitors, unless the schedule makes a distinct exception. In cases where the exception is so made the exhibit itself must be set up and arranged by the exhibitor.


  1. Unless stated to the contrary in the schedule no person, other than an amateur (or his employee acting in such a capacity) may compete in, stage, or assist in the staging of any exhibit.


  1. For the purpose of rule 4 an amateur is a person who does not grow or sell plants, flowers, vegetable or fruit as a means of livelihood (the occasional sale of produce from a private garden would not constitute a violation of this rule). A gardener employed in a garden, or gardens, may not enter or exhibit produce from such garden(s) but may enter as an amateur any produce of his own garden.


  1. All intending competitors are asked to be honest to their fellow competitors by showing produce grown by themselves. The penalty for disregard of this rule will be disqualification. Scrutineers will be appointed to inspect the exhibits intended for exhibition.


  1. All vases, stands and plates etc. must be provided by the exhibitor.


  1. All Exhibits must be staged according to the direction of the Secretary and must not exceed the space allotted.


  1. Numbers corresponding with the entries will be given by the Secretary to exhibitors who will be responsible for placing their number on each exhibit or dish. Anyone not doing so will have their exhibit disqualified.


  1. The Judges have power to withhold or recommend extra prizes at their own discretion and the Judge’s decision in all cases to be final.


  1. No exhibit must be removed before 3.00pm on the day of the show.


  1. All prize money will be paid to the competitors after 1.30pm on the day of the show.


  1. Any complaints by the exhibitors must be handed in writing to the Secretary on the day of the show before 3.00pm. Deposit of £1.00 is required, which will be refunded if objection is sustained.


  1. The Committee will take every possible care but will not be responsible for any loss or damage which may occur to any exhibitor’s property during the show.


  1. Containers – a bowl is a vessel having a diameter at its mouth at least equal to its height. A vase has a greater height than the diameter of its mouth.


  1. All rules will be strictly adhered to.


  1. Sale of exhibits will take place at 3.30pm on the day of the show.



















Classes 1 -64     Entrance Fee 50p per Class

1st Prize £3.00   2nd Prize £2.50   3rd Prize £2.00

CLASS                                   VEGETABLES

  1. A vegetable not catered for in schedule
  2. Five White Potatoes
  3. Five Coloured Potatoes     
  4. One Dish Potatoes, two varieties, three of each
  5. Three Onions (roots shown)
  6. Six Runner Beans
  7. Six Dwarf Beans
  8. Six Pods of Peas
  9. Three Carrots (long)
  10. Three Carrots (other than long)
  11. One White Cabbage (roots shown)
  12. One Red Cabbage (roots shown)
  13. One Cauliflower
  14. Three Leeks (Blanch & Intermediate)
  15. Three Pot Leeks
  16. Nine Shallots Exhibition
  17. Nine shallots Pickling max 1” diameter
  18. One Vegetable Marrow (Table) max 15”
  19. One Truss of Tomatoes (25% or more ripe)
  20. Five Tomatoes (Named)
  21. Six Pods of Broad Beans
  22. One Cucumber
  23. Three Round Beetroot (3” stalk, approx.) 
  24. Three Sticks Of Rhubarb
  25. One Lettuce
  26. Longest Runner Beans – 1st Prize only
  27. Two Sweet Corn
  28. Parsnips, one dish of three (3” tops approx.)
  29. Six Onions (max 8oz each onion)

CLASS                                   FLOWERS AND PLANTS


  1. One vase of perennials (two of any kind)
  2. One vase of Sweet Peas (nine spikes, 3 of each variety)
  3. Bowl of Sweet Peas (mixed colours)
  4. One vase of five Spray Chrysanthemums
  5. One vase of three Reflex Chrysanthemums
  6. One vase of three Incurve or Intermediate Chrysanthemums
  7. One named exhibition Rose
  8. One vase of three Roses, any variety/varieties
  9. One bowl of six Roses HT varieties
  10. Six Gladioli, two separate colours, two vases
  11. One named exhibition Gladioli
  12. Three Gladioli, small
  13. Three Gladioli, one variety
  14. Three vases Dahlias, three blooms per vase, any variety/varieties
  15. Three small Cactus, or Semi Cactus Dahlias, 4” or 6”
  16. Three medium or semi Cactus Dahlias, any variety/varieties
  17. Five small Pom-pom Dahlias, any variety/varieties
  18. Five miniature Ball Dahlias, any variety/varieties
  19. Three small Décor Ball type Dahlias, any variety/varieties
  20. Three medium Dec Dahlias, any variety/varieties
  21. Six Asters
  22. Six Marigolds
  23. One vase flowers grown from seed not catered for in schedule
  24. A foliage plant in a pot (max size pot 6”)
  25. A flowering plant in a pot (max pot size 6”) excluding Fuchsia
  26. A Fuchsia, any variety






FLORAL ART –       Using natural plant material, with or without accessories.

                                    Artificial materials may not be used.

                                    Dried material allowed.


  1. A vase of flowers arranged for effect, any variety/varieties
  2. A vase of foliage, arranged for effect, any variety/varieties
  3. A petite – exhibit in a wine glass using small flowers


CHILDREN’S CLASSES Under 14 years – please state age


  1. An Edible monster
  2. Miniature Garden – In standard size seed tray. Natural or artificial material allowed




  1. 1 Victoria Sponge
  2. 3 Scones any variety

















PRIZES 1ST £10; 2ND £5; 3RD £3.



  1. The Top Tray class is for a collection of THREE types of vegetables taken from the following list. The quantity of each vegetable required is given in brackets. Carrots (3), Cauliflower (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3), Peas (6 pods), Potatoes (3), Runner Beans (6 pods), Tomatoes (6), French Beans (6 pods), Sweetcorn (2), Pepper (3), Cucumber (2), Courgettes (3), Red Beet (3), Aubergines (2). Each type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points. This is split into three sections as follows: 7 points for size, shape and colour; 7 points for condition; 6 points for uniformity. The overall mark will be out of 60.


  1. All Vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area measuring 45cm x 60cm (18x24in) without bending any part of them. No exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board can be used to display the vegetables, or an area simply marked on the staging. Where a tray has a lip or edge, it is the internal measurements that must not exceed 45cm x 60cm (18 x24in)


  1. A black cloth is permitted and the tray may be painted. Parsley is allowed for garnishing but no other foliage or accessories, such as plates, sand, rings and so on, will be allowed. Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string


  1. The winner will receive a Certificate plus £10. The runner up £5, third place £3.



Carrots & parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 7.5cm (3in)

Peas & Beans must be displayed with some stalk attached

Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case)

Judges may handle exhibits, open pods, etc. to check for Quality

The tray, board or staging, must not be cut or mutilated in any way at all – such as cutting holes for standing onions in.

Judges should use their discretion when judging Top Tray Class, remembering that entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors

Points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on the exhibitors’ cards

Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials. Failure to abide by any of the rules will lead to disqualification






PRIZES 1ST £10; 2ND £5; 3RD £3.



  1. The Top Vase Class is for a vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10, taken from a minimum of two kinds of plants. Please note:  it is two different KINDS of plants and that two varieties of the same plants are NOT two kinds.


  1. The display is judged out of a total of 35 points, split into 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display, and 10 points for the overall presentation and effects of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions. Judging of the flowers should be to the normal rules used for other classes.


  1. Stems used in the display must be showing flowers only, no seed heads or berries will be allowed.


  1. The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.


  1. No accessories such as bows and additional foliage will be allowed. Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem and still attached to that stem is allowed. Packing material – including florists’ foam – to keep the stems in place is allowed.
  2. The winner will receive a Certificate plus £10. The runner up £5, third place £3.




Flowering stems can be taken from ANY flowering plant

The different kinds of plants need to be taken from different genera. For instance, pinks and carnations and sweet Williams are all dianthus – would not be classed as different kinds

Use only fresh, home-grown flowers. No dried or silk flowers allowed

A vase, by definition, is any vessel that can be used to hold cut flowers and which is taller than it is wide at its widest point

The Top Vase Class is open for anyone to enter and is not intended purely for growers who regularly display in single species classes at shows.

Judges should use their discretion when judging the Top Vase Class bearing in mind that the entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors

Please note the display has to be viewed all round

The points awarded should be clearly marked by the judges on the exhibitor’s cards

Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials. Failure to abide by any of the rules will lead to disqualification



This form together with the entrance fee MUST reach Creative Crewe Officials no later than 9am  on Monday 14th August 2017.


Entrance fee per class is 50p


Cheque’s need to be made payable to  Creative Crewe.


Address: Creative Crewe. c/o 11 Foxholme Court, Crewe, CW1 5HF







































I enter the above particulars subject to the rules and regulations of the show committee.






To print full schedule or entry form click here


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