Exhibitor / Stallholder / Performer’s Information Sheet


Family Fit and Fun Day

Sunday 18th August 2019 at Queen’s Park, Crewe.


Thank you for joining us and helping to make this a special day and a successful event.

The following information is to help you and to make your day enjoyable. It is also to comply with the Health and Safety Risk Assessment.


Vehicle Access- for set up from 8am

  • Vehicles must enter the Park via the Depot gates opposite Tipkinder Car Park
  • On entry, your vehicle will be registered so that the organisers can confirm participants
  • All vehicles must leave the Park by 9.30am after set-up, unless there is a special agreement.
  • Vehicles must leave the Park via the main gate onto Victoria Avenue and then to suitable parking.
  • No vehicles are permitted to drive over the bridge
  • These gates will be staffed by Creative Crewe volunteers between 8am and 10am


Vehicle Access- for performances throughout the afternoon/evening

  • Please arrive in plenty of time for your performance slot and report to the sound desk on arrival
  • A maximum of one vehicle per group is permitted to enter and that is for carrying instruments. All other group members should park and walk into the park.
  • You are asked to use the Depot gate - and phone Ann Gaffney (077 389 325 31) 10 minutes before arrival so the gate can be opened for you. You will then turn right and be escorted to your area to deliver your instruments.
  • Cars carrying other performers and families will not be admitted


Vehicle Access – stalls and horticulture entrants

  • You are respectfully asked not to bring vehicles back into the Park / dismantle stalls etc until 4.00pm The gates will be secured until then other than for emergency vehicles
  • Performances will have started so please keep vehicle movement to a minimum
  • All stalls and activities are welcome to stay into the evening if they wish
  • Vehicles moving around the Park must use hazard warning lights and travel at 5mph.max.
  • These gates will be staffed by Creative Crewe volunteers between 4.00pm and 5.00pm



  • During the day the Sound Desk will be making public announcements about what is taking place and when.
  • We have commissioned colourful banners to promote the different zones
  • We have a paper programme to distribute and our Information Table will direct people to you




  • Food and drinks will be available in The Park Life Café and at other outlets around the Park throughout the day.
  • Special snack/meal deals are available at The Park Life Café  for exhibitors / stall holders and performers upon production of a voucher which will be included in an information pack given to you on arrival on the day.



  • Toilet facilities are available in The Park Life Café  and additional toilets are near the children’s play area


First Aid

  • The First Aid Centre is by the Clock Tower.



  • As we have a licenced bar, we have additional security and remind everyone that this is a family event and to drink responsibly
  • If you have any concerns during the day, please come to talk to us


Contact numbers


Carol Wilkinson       07963 120808

Ann Gaffney            07738 932531

Elaine Webster        07825 351808

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